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The Haudenosaunee moccasin is made from strong leather like deer or elk. Both men and women wear the same style moccasin. 

The Haudenosaunee moccasin is not a tall moccasin, although it has a cuff that when folded up, may be two to three inches wide. This leather is folded down to make a cuff. This cuff is decorated with porcupine quill work. 

Often times, bead work is done on a separate piece of fabric like velvet, and then it is attached to the cuff. This is done so that when the moccasin wears out, the beading can easily be taken off and reattached to a new pair of moccasins. 

The front top of the moccasin consists of a long U- shaped vamp. This vamp is also decorated in the same manner as the cuff. Sometimes porcupine guard hairs are gathered and made into tassels, which are then sewn onto the cuff of the moccasin. These Haudenosaunee moccasins are very beautiful.

Interestingly, the Haudenosaunee used a small bone that is found near the ankle joint of the deer, which is made into a needle used to sew with. Also sinew was taken from the deer to be used as thread--along with twisted elm bark fibers.

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