Watercolor Birch Bark Paintings

by Kanatiiosh

The following thumbnail images are examples of some of my watercolor paintings on birch bark.  I use birch bark from trees that have died naturally.  The birch bark I am currently using comes from the big ice storm that hit Upstate New York and Akwesasne in 1998

To see a bigger image of the picture below use your mouse to click on the painting.

Aboxturtle.JPG (40540 bytes)

Eastern Box Turtle

abirchbear.JPG (44738 bytes)

Brown Bear

asnipe.JPG (35580 bytes)

Common Snipe

aBIRCHSKYWOMAN.JPG (35160 bytes)

Sky Woman Creating Turtle Island 

Not for sale

ADEERBIRCH.JPG (33513 bytes)

White-tailed Deer


ORENBIRCH2000.JPG (39223 bytes)

Faith Keeper Oren Lyons



wolf.JPG (23828 bytes)

Gray Wolf



Many of the items are for sale (prices range from $45.00 to $75.00).  If you are interested in purchasing an item, or having one created specially for you, please click on the link following: EMAIL: Kanatiiosh   

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