Carriers of the Words

by Kahentíson (Betty) Nanticoke

This women's group originated as the Women's Singing Society from
Ahkwesahsne. A singing society is charged with the responsibility of
giving assistance and support to those in the community who have
suffered a loss of some sort. Traditionally, Men's Singing Societies
represented their Nation's at gatherings called Six Nations Sing held
twice annually in the spring and fall. In recent years. more women's
groups are sharing their songs also.

The name came about mainly for the beliefs that we have a duty to help
our language survive. The majority of our songs are written in the
Mohawk Language with the help of fluent Mohawk speaking community
people. We believe that if our language dies, so will we as a Nation of
people because without our language we will have no culture. We proudly
share our songs and teach children so that we may honor everything that
is natural to us. Through our songs we honor our Mother the Earth, our
Grandmother the Moon, Our Grandparents from every generation, the
teachers in schools who teach the language, the Great Law of Peace for
our life's foundation, and more.

As Kontiwennenhá:wi became more well known people began requesting this women's group to sing at various community functions outside of the
Longhouse. For this reason, the women do not attach the Singing Society
to their group because it is a distinction reserved for the
Haudenosaunee. They do, however continue to contribute to our community
by assisting and sharing.

Proceeds from the sales of this CD go towards helping us to help our elders, our children, our men & women, and all Ahkwesahsró:non.

Featured on this CD are:

  • Kenkiokoktha Theresa Bear Swamp-Fox

  • Angie Mitchell

  • Kahentíhson Elizabeth Swamp-Nanticoke

  • Jessica Lazore

  • Katsiítsión:ni Fox

  • Kaweienón:ni Margaret Peters

  • Konwasenná:wi David

  • Iawén:tas Nanticoke

  • Tsierihwiióhsta Jean Square

  • Rachel Gray

  • Kawennahén:te Maxine Cole

  • Sandi Dupree

  • Tewasohkwaténies Yvonne Peters

The CD was designed by Katsiítsión:ni Fox

Click on the link below to see the words to the songs.


You can hear this song--may take awhile to upload Kwe Kwe Ahkwesahsró:non

Greetings to the people of Akwesasne


Iakhiínisténha Ohwéntsia

Our Mother Earth

Iakión:kwe Iakwaterennótha

We are the women singers

Iethihsóhtha Ahsonthenhnéhkha Karáhkwa

Grandmother Moon's Appreciation Song

Kanonhséhsne Ietsítewe

Let's all go back to the Longhouse

Ratiwè:ras Raotirén:na

The Thunderers Song

Tewathahíta ne Iohahí:io

Let's all walk on a good path


Elders Appreciation Song

Niawenhkó:wa Iakotirihonnién:ni

Thank you to the Mohawk Language Teachers (Sung by the Ahkwesasne Freedom School Students)


Peace Song

Tóhsa Tsisewaínikónhrheníne

Ó:nen Ki' Wáhe

Good bye for now


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