Bead & Porcupine Quill Work

by Kanatiiosh

The following thumbnail images are examples of some of my beading and porcupine quill work.  

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AKWEKS.JPG (11368 bytes)

"Akweks (Eagle)"

Gorget (neckwear).  Materials:  Porcupine quills, glass seed beads, leather, and glass seed beads



blkgoldred2.jpg (57621 bytes)

"My Design"

Barrette.  Materials:  Glass seed beads, leather,  and glass seed beads 


celestialsky.jpg (44901 bytes)

"Celestial Sky"

Barrette.  Materials:  Porcupine quills, glass seed beads, leather, silver beads, and glass seed beads

Can be made into a pendant size





Many of the items are for sale (prices range from $55.00 and up depending on the design and time involved).  If you are interested in purchasing an item, or having one created specially for you, please write to me at:   

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